Air Purification Service Bergen NJ

At Bergen Air Conditioning NJ, we consider ourselves air doctors because we know everything to do with air quality, filtration and ventilation services. We have the knowledge and experience( spanning 30 years) to install an indoor package that perfectly fits your family and budget. So, why suffer from airborne allergens yet you can remove them once and for all? Give us a call today and get high quality service at an affordable cost.

A Variety of air purifiers

If you are in North New Jersey and in need of indoor air quality services, call Bergen Air Conditioning any time of day or night. We have indoor quality experts, who can help you, choose an air purification unit for your home. Our air conditioning contractors will then install and maintain your system so as to provide you with clean indoor air for several years. We have a very wide range of top quality air purification systems, UV germicide lights and air cleaners. Give us a call to learn more on how to improve air quality in your New Jersey home.

Examples of air purification service & products

The following are some of the top quality air purifiers that we use;

  1. UVC Max36 air purification system-a high efficiency purifier using a proprietary UV lamp to rescind biological and chemical impurities including chemical odors, and is applicable to any type of building including commercial spaces, homes and offices
  2. Quiet ionic indoor air purifier-ideal room purifier with the capability to capture particles and dust, and snares them inside the system-keeping air in your office or home cleaner and fresher.
  3. Ozone machines-the most modern and technically advanced units currently available in the market. They utilize a copyrighted discharge technology so as to create ozone together with a copyrighted Radiant Ambient Dispersion (RAD) technology to scatter the ozone.

We have NATE certified air purifying contractors, who are not only trained to analyze air quality state in your indoor environment, but also install and service air purifiers to the manufacturer’s standards. We are committed to offering our customers modern technology air purification performance recommendations and solutions for a healthy home.

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