Boiler Repair & Installation Services Bergen NJ

For residents of Bergen County, NJ needing boiler services, can call the experts at Bergen to get the job done. For decades, we have been performing professional boiler service to both home and businesses within New Jersey. We assess the problems and fix them fast and efficiently. We can also replace and install newer systems with high energy efficiency ratings.

Boiler Service For Residential & Commercial

Our company offers quality boiler repair services at affordable rates. We are experts in boilers of all types: gas,, gas steam,, oil hot water, and oil steam. Our repairs covers all types and brands. Our technicians are well trained to get your system back in great condition.

Boiler Installation

Are you tired of expensive recurring repairs? Then it’s time to get a new boiler installed. Equator HVAC gives you a range of options for installing the newest and most efficient boiler. We work with experts who will run an analysis and check for damages. If your system is due for replacement, they’ll recommend a boiler that suits your needs perfectly and is cost efficient.

Boiler Replacement and Maintenance

If you have a functional boiler and you want to ensure that it lasts as long as possible, then boiler maintenance service is a good way to start as it would minimize the risk of the entire system breaking down or facing more significant problems. With adequate maintenance and care, your boiler can last you a long time. Contact us today, and our experts will do an analysis, run a maintenance check , and give you useful tips on how to take care of the boiler. If a problem develops, with routine maintenance, you’ll be able to spot it early and prevent it from causing severe damage.

$100.00 Off Repeair Over $900.00

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