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One of the most common water heaters used in most homes is a gas water heater. Compared to an electric water heater, they are known for creating a lower energy bill. Also, their form of operation makes them more cost-effective as they work with natural gas.

At the bottom of the heater, a burner is ignited by the gas system with a flue becoming the second form of heating at the center of the heater and exhausting gases run through it. When the water reaches a set temperature, a switch in the tank shuts the burner off. Thus ensuring the efficiency of the burner by preventing loss of fuel. This makes the system work accordingly when needing to heat the water for your household.

Advantages & Benefits Of Gas Water Heaters For Your Home

  • It takes less time to reheat a water tank than an electric one
  • It can heat up to fifty gallons of water per capacity per hour.
  • It’s durable, long-lasting which can range twelve – thirteen years
  • Can maintain itself during a power outage.

Here at Bergen Air Conditioning we are professionals in servicing ALL heaters. We can also assist you in selecting the best choice of water heater for your home. You can rely on us for any installation, repairs, maintenance and replacement of gas water heaters.

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