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In every home, there’s a water heater which is used to heat the water for use in kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces. There are different types of heaters such as solar heaters, gas water heaters and tankless water heaters. Of these three, the tankless water heater is the most common as it saves a lot of energy in use. By installing a water conditioner with it, you’re increasing its durability as well as protecting it from mineral content residue which will be removed by adding this piece to the system. At Bergen Hvac we understand that hot water is a necessity for home comfort, and we’re dedicated to providing water heaters solutions and services at the highest quality level possible.

For new installations or replacement of an old water heater, we strongly recommend tankless water heaters due to many advantages and benefits they have to offer compared to regular water heaters.

Advantages & benefits Of Tankless Water Heaters For Your Home

The following are reasons why most homeowners prefer the tankless water heaters:

  • Less space used up as no storage tank is involved. Tankless heaters do not come with a tank. The heater heats up water which passes through the pipe when the faucet is opened.
  • Great savings in energy bills: while the storage water heater type heats up water at all times, tankless type only heats water when the faucet is turned on. This way, electricity consumed is limited with monthly bills reduced by 30%.
  • Durability: with the constant flow of water, the possibility of bacteria growing in sa tankless heater is very low. Tankless heaters are cost effective with low maintenance costs and last longer when regular maintenance is done biannually.

Apart from bathrooms, you can use the tankless heaters in hot tubs, outdoor sinks and so many more locations in your home.

in touch with us today for free consultation on your tankless heater. Our service technicians are available 24/7 and our customer support lines are on stand-by all day including emergencies at night. Bergen Air Conditioning are experts in installing tankless heaters that are durable, long-lasting so you can forget repairs, replacement and installation of heaters for a long time to come.

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