Installation, repairs and replacement of electric heat pump water heaters, In Bergen County, NJ

The electric heat pump system as the name implies is electrically driven and works by heating the air to heat your water. The heat pump transfers the generated heat to a specified amount of water stored in a storage tank. Thus changing the temperatures of the water for you to use.

type will work more efficiently in hot climates due to the fact that the heat pump will grab the already warm air to heat up your water. This can be three times more efficient and effective than that of a standard water heating unit.

Our plumbers at Bergen Air Conditioning are trained to install, repair and replace different types of electric water heaters irrespective of their location in your home.

Maintenance of electric heat pump water heater

In ensuring the optimal performance of this type of heater, air filters should be cleaned frequently. Apart from this, every other form of maintenance is the same as a regular storage water heater. You can schedule regular maintenance to prevent the electric heat pump from breaking down or causing additional issues. If you need more clarifications on maintenance of water heaters, contact us today and we can walk you through your issue or questions.

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